2S HV 4800mAh 120C Shorty LCG 5mm Bullets

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US/Canada Only.

This battery will not be ROAR approved.   There is a limited qty and then they are being discontinued and replaced with our new TT1619 4800mAh.  They are very good batteries but IR is not as low as the new version.

Tekin Graphene POWER CELL 2S 4400mAh HV Shorty LCG LiPo

  • Shorty LCG Low Center of Gravity Design keeps the weight down low and improves car handling.
  • LiHV Graphene technology allows charging up to 4.35V per cell for more power and longer run-time.
  • 120C Discharge Rate delivers power on demand.
  • 5mm High Power Bullet Connectors are gold plated for low resistance and maximum current.
  • 2mm Balance Port for balance charging.
  • Pass-Through terminals allows battery to be flipped if needed. Includes rubber plugs to block opposite ends.
  • Hard Box housing protects cells and connector terminals.


(2) 5mm High Power Bullet Plugs


Model:  2S LiHV Shorty LCG
Configuration:  2S1P
Nominal Voltage:  7.6V
Charged Voltage:  8.7V
Storage Voltage:  7.8V
HV Capacity:  4800mAh
Max Charge Rate: 1.5C
Max Discharge Rate:  120C
Watt Hours:  35.52wh
Connector Type:  5mm High Power Bullet
Balance Connector:  2mm Bullet
Dimensions (in):  3.65 x 1.83 x .77in
Dimensions (mm): 92.8 x 46.6 x 19.5mm
Weight (oz): 5.6oz
Weight (g): 158g

All Tekin LiPo batteries are covered under warranty against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 60 Days from the original date of purchase. Warranty is limited and WILL NOT cover any damage due to: regular usage, misuse, neglect, improper charging, improper storage or modification.