4S 6000mAh 140C Brick LCG 5mm Bullets

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Tekin Titanium POWER CELL 4S 6000mAh Brick LCG Lipo 5MM

  • 4S Power for 1:8 EP Buggy, Truggy and Monster Truck.
  • Tekin Titanium LiPo Cells deliver industry-leading ultra-low-resistance performance.
  • LCG Design keeps weight low and improves car handling.
  • 140C Discharge Rate delivers power on demand.
  • 5mm High Power Bullet Connectors are gold plated for low resistance and maximum current.
  • Balance charging harness included.
  • Dust Cover protected balance port.
  • Hard Box housing protects cells and connector terminals.


(2) 5mm High Power Bullet Plugs
(1) Balance Charging Harness



Model:  4S LiPo LCG Brick
Configuration:  4S1P
Nominal Voltage:  14.8V
Charged Voltage:  16.8V
Storage Voltage:  15.2V
Capacity:  6000mAh
Max Charge Rate: 1.5C
Max Discharge Rate:  140C
Watt Hours:  88.8wh
Connector Type:  5mm High Power Bullet
Balance Connector:  JST
Dimensions (in):  5.4 x 1.8 x 1.45in
Dimensions (mm): 139 x 47 x 37mm
Weight (oz): 16.34oz
Weight (g): 463.4g


All Tekin LiPo batteries are covered under warranty against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 60 Days from the original date of purchase. Warranty is limited and WILL NOT cover any damage due to: regular usage, misuse, neglect, improper charging, improper storage or modification.