3S 4200mAh HV Soft Pack LiPo Power Cell

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Tekin Graphene POWER CELL 3S 4200mAh HV LiPo

  • 3S Soft Pack for Rock Racers, Crawlers and Trail rigs.
  • Compact size fits many buggies and trucks.
  • LiHV Graphene technology allows charging up to 4.35V per cell for more power and longer run-time.
  • 120C Discharge Rate delivers power on demand.
  • 12AWG Wire and T-Plug pre-wired and ready to rock.
  • Balance Plug for balance charging.


Pre-wired with 12AWG and T-Plug



Model:  3S LiHV 
Configuration:  3S1P
Nominal Voltage:  11.4V
Charged Voltage:  13.05V
Storage Voltage:  11.7V
HV Capacity:  4200mAh
Max Charge Rate: 1C
Max Discharge Rate:  120C
Watt Hours:  47.8wh
Connector Type:  T-Plug
Balance Connector:  JST
Dimensions (in):  4.17 x 1.7 x 1.0in
Dimensions (mm): 106.5 x 43 x 25.25mm
Weight (oz): 8.7oz
Weight (g): 246g w/ wires and T-Plug