4S Xh-Xh Balance Charge Cable - NEW

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Balance charging cable for new Tekin Graphene and Titanium 4S battery packs. XH to XH connectors, 200mm length. Included and compatible with the batteries listed below.


TT1623 - 4S 7700 HV
TT1624 - 4S 9000 HV
TT1625 - 4S 6550 HV LCG
TT1626 - 4S 6300 HV Shorty
TT1659 - 4S 6750 TI
TT1660 - 4S 6000 TI LCG

ALWAYS balance charge your LiPo batteries. Keeping the cell voltages balanced will provide more charge/discharge cycles, longer cell life and peak battery performance.